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What are the Key Features to Consider for a UTM Solution?

Unified Threat Management offers a complete security protection system that leaves no gaps for hackers to exploit. Replacing your anti-virus and firewall systems with a full UTM package makes sense because those separate cybersecurity services should be working together in order to address the serious system threats that are constantly evolving.

UTM is a security appliance that integrates, or unifies, multiple security solutions, services and features.

UTM includes NGFW features such as stateful firewall inspection, intrusion detection and prevention, VPN, and URL filtering, but also adds capabilities such as email protection, application control, Quality of Service, and web-security gateway functionality. Because these services are managed through a single appliance, UTM can dramatically reduce management overhead and simplify your network.

UTM Solutions in Dubai

Key Features Included in UTM Solution:

Spyware protection: This will prevent malicious software from being installed on user devices and stealing passwords and other sensitive data.

HTTPS scanning: More and more hackers are using encryption to hide their threats, so it is important to be able to inspect encrypted traffic.

Advanced Reporting: Administrators should have the flexibility to build and schedule reports that show both real-time and historical usage.

Site-to-Site VPN: This allows remote branches to securely exchange information and use file servers and other devices that are in a different location.

Web Protection: In addition to web filtering, the UTM solution should be able to apply policies to users’ online activity and prevent malware from entering your network.

Advanced Email Protection: More than filtering out spam and malware, UTM should be capable of blocking malicious content at the gateway, encrypting email, and providing users with a certain level of control over email quarantine and message activity.

A reliable UTM solution should include –

  • A package that protects endpoints, networks, and cloud services
  • A centralized system that offers a single console for threat management
  • The option to extend centralized threat protection over several sites
  • A secure communication path for data transfers over the internet
  • Zero-day threat protection

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