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Fed up of monitoring multiple security software? Here’s Unified Security management for you!

Unified security management is a term that is thrown about a lot nowadays. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry claims to provide the best-unified management solutions provider in Dubai. However, it is important to understand what Unified security management is to better know what is at stake here.

We at www.itamcsupport.ae have been pioneers in the field of firewall solutions Dubai for several years now. Our experienced, talented and dedicated team of engineers provides firewall services in Dubai for the highest echelons of the industry.  While our commitment to quality, customer-oriented approach and high level of skill are important, it is equally important to have technically superior products to work in conjunction with this zeal.

We are all familiar with the basic means of providing security in such cases- antiviruses, malware protection, spyware protection and the like. However, when it comes to critical information, such rudimentary methods are very cumbersome to keep track of separately and hence, cannot be trusted, since they can hardly stand up against a focused attempt to penetrate them. This is why we have the latest systems which can perform all these tasks together, under the ambit of a single, elegantly designed security management system to enable better tracking and stronger protections against such threats.

Unified Security Management

www.itamcsupport.ae provides the top most unified security management Dubai has ever seen. Our system has several layers of security which can accommodate even the most critical data and ensure that it remains secure. Here is a brief overview:

  • It first has UIA, that is user identity and authentication using passwords and account names. This allows only permitted personnel to access the secure data. This is the first layer of protection.
  • Then, the anti- virus and anti- spam capability keeps the system safe from Trojans and other malicious software by using top- notch anti- virus and anti spam software to block spam messages, mails or other delivery modes.
  • The web and content filtering capability automatically detects harmful and unsafe websites and other content which may surreptiously try to insert malicious bits of software into your system.

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Apart from these major layers, there are several other intricate and more specialized forms of security which can be provided based on requirement. They include Stateful firewall, IPS, WAN optimization, Wireless LAN controlling etc.

We have collaborations and partnerships with major players in this field including Sonicwall, Watchguard, Fortinet, Cyb eroam erc. Which are very well known for their exceptional products in this field. We ensure that the system is maintained and running properly while providing continued and detailed reports to you so that you can make assessments and develop strategies for your future.

After all, commitment to quality service, tie ups with top- grade providers and priority towards customers is what has helped us to reach the top spot in unified management solutions in Dubai.