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What are some Effective ways to Prevent Data Leakage?

Data leak is the exposure of sensitive data either electronically or physically. Data leaks could occur on the internal or via physical devices such as hard drives or laptops.

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout to find ways for gaining profits by misusing the data leaks of an organisation.

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Data leaks are caused in four ways:

  • Customer information: Customer information leak is the most common type of data leak. The customer information includes the personal details of customers such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, usernames, passwords, payment history, browsing pattern, and credit/debit numbers.
  • Company information: Company information if leaked leads to heavy loss to the business and also cause a bad remark on the reputation of the company. It will also be an easy target for business competitors who are always trying for an upper hand.
  • Trade secrets: Trade secrets leakage is the most dangerous form of leakage to business. The theft of intellectual property destroys the potential of a business, running it to the ground.
  • Analytics: Analytical data includes large database containing dashboards with data sets. This becomes the easy target for cyber criminals that needs to be monitored.

Effective ways to Prevent Data Leakage:

Identify critical data: Before implementing endpoint protection solutions it is necessary to categorize which data is crucial and how to utilize data loss prevention software. Crucial data for organisations include PHI, financial statements, blueprint or strategy checks, and vital documents related to business transactions. Implementing the DLP effectively includes categorizing the data through a data protection strategy, primarily targeting sensitive documents and their handling.

Monitor access and activity: Monitoring the incoming and outgoing data through a network infrastructure helps to curb major data loss. The ability to automatically discover, map and track what is deployed across the business infrastructure provides a picture of the network in real-time.

Reliable encryption: Encryption of private, confidential or sensitive information helps to safeguard the data. A carefully implemented encryption and key management process renders stolen data unreadable and useless.

Lock the network: Data leakage can be restricted by allowing only authorised users to access the network. Employees within the organisation should be given regular training about good practices of data usage.

Endpoint security: The endpoint of a network includes the devices used within the network. Securing the endpoints includes using robust antivirus and malware protection software helps to overcome the risk of potential data leakage.

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