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What are the Key Features to Consider for a UTM Solution?

Unified Threat Management offers a complete security protection system that leaves no gaps for hackers to exploit. Replacing your anti-virus and firewall systems with a full UTM package makes sense because those separate cybersecurity services should be working together in order to address the serious system threats that are constantly evolving. UTM is a security […]

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What are the Criteria for Purchasing UTM Appliances?

Unified Threat Management appliances include all kinds of network infrastructure protection tools combined together into one device. Relying on a single device to cover firewall, virtual private network access, application control, intrusion protection and lots of other services saves money and administrative effort. While purchasing UTM appliances considering a few points will be helpful in […]

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How UTM Solutions Protects Businesses from Security Threats?

What Is Unified Threat Management? The term Unified Threat Management is heard by business owners everywhere- especially those who rely heavily on data storage, financial management and are into information technology heavily. They might even have heard about services like ‘UTM Solutions Dubai’ provided by one of the pioneers of the industry- Techno Edge Systems […]

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