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Know How your Company Firewall Security is Vulnerable to Hacking

Firewalls are considered the boundary walls for the network infrastructure of an organisation. Any unauthorised data entering into or going outside the network is monitored and scrutinised by the firewalls.

However, the main objective of a hacker is to target the loopholes within the system and attack it for malicious deeds.

They use sophisticated and accurate methods to hold data hostage, indulge in identity theft, and even launch attacks on other networks via the computer. The best-known way to combat these cyber criminals is to understand how they carry out their attacks.

Firewall Solutions in Dubai

Firewall Security Vulnerabilities:

Firewalk: It is a utility tool. It finds open ports on firewall-the filtering device. This tool operates by evaluating a live system behind a firewall and discovers the permitted services and open ports on that firewall, without touching the system. The hacker creates a topology of the network behind the firewall by sending packets to every host behind the firewall.

H-Pinging: It is a TCP ping utility with some extra functionality. It permits the user to explore some options of the TCP packet that may allow it to penetrate through some filtering devices even if it is blocked and report the packets it retrieves.

Stateless firewalls and source port scanning: This is used only with stateless firewalls, i,e. it applies only to filtering devices that do not keep the      state of traffic. If a packet is sent to the source port 20 in FTP – the default data port – it is easy to map the network by checking the system behind the firewall and FW ACL does not block TCP 139 port, which becomes a good starting point for hacking Windows-based systems.

Rootkit: A Rootkit is more harmful than the malware, virus or Trojan. It is a critical segment of code injected into the computer system, designed to conceal any unauthorized activity taking place. As rootkits give administrative control to the attacker, there is always the possibility of the system being used without the user’s knowledge and restrictions.

If the attacker gains access to the network, the rest of the network will usually crash. However, with advanced techniques, two objectives can be achieved:

  • Make it hard for attackers to gain foothold on the corporate network,
  • Even if by any chance they get a foothold, make it impossible for them to get anywhere else into the network.

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