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The Single Window Solution To All Online Threats

When you purchase a computer and have issues with it, the first thing you go and look for is a reliable technician or engineer who can help you take care of it. But what would you do if that engineer told you that he would take care of only the motherboard of the computer, and you would have to go to different technicians for the screen, the electrical circuits, and the hard disk. Would you choose such a technician?

Then why would you choose a Threat Management service that provides you with multiple software for dealing with different kinds of threats? And this, specifically when the IT systems you are running are more important than any car will ever be! Isn’t it common sense to select a service that provides you with a single window solution for all threats like Trojans, malware, spyware, viruses, and spam?

This is exactly why we at www.itamcsupport.ae have decided to come up with the most practical and logical unified threat management solutions Dubai has ever seen. We have a long history of supporting and providing our services to the top ranking companies in this behemoth of a city and the best thing is that they are so impressed by our service that they keep coming back to us every year for multiple products. This speaks a lot about our basic ethos as a company that puts affordability and customer experience above all else.

Unified Threat Management

Now that we have clarified our credentials, let us explain why you need unified security management solutions for your company.

  • They help bring a semblance of order and organization in your haphazard threat management strategy which is very difficult to keep track of, which might lead to security issues in the future.
  • You can easily manage all these systems via a cloud, which enables companies with outstation branches and multiple locations to operate seamlessly without having to bother about replicating similar things across various geographic locations.
  • Unified Threat Management Solutions integrate seamlessly with your systems like antiviruses, anti- malware and anti-spam software which helps you to seamlessly transition to a more focused and simplistic system without worrying about compromising on anything.
  • It essentially integrates with firewall network security which is essentially a gateway for both incoming and outgoing data and tracks, keeps a record of and eliminates worms,
  • Trojans, viruses, malware etc. It also filters out spam, unwanted messages and undesired web content which may carry such harmful pieces of code.

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We are Gold partners with Cyberoam and WatchGuard, Silver partners with Fortinet and SonicWall and several other leaders in the market, which ensures that you get the best possible software available in the market anywhere in the world. When you pay for it, we make sure that you get the best product for your needs from our partners and supplement that with our outstanding service and technical know- how to make sure your systems remain secure forever!