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Tips to Choose the Right Data Backup and Recovery Solution

Data backup and recovery is important as businesses, both small and big, are facing the increasing threat of cyberattacks.

Businesses need to back up their databases for quite several reasons. Necessitated by remote work, enterprises now face several challenges brought about by the data sharing platforms. With insecure public networks, additional devices, and even the increased use of personal devices, companies are susceptible to cyberattacks, data theft, catastrophe events, among many more risks.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in Dubai

Why choosing the right data backup and recovery solution is essential?

Data security and privacy: Data security is the foremost point to consider while choosing a data backup solution. Data can be stored on a physical device or on cloud backup. As there is always the danger of losing data stored in a physical location, a reliable cloud backup is always a better choice. It helps businesses to access the data from any location. A reliable service provider offers two-factor authentication, disabling login, and Data Encryption to secure the vital data.

Service agreement: A reliable service provider offer a service level agreement that clearly mentions the uptime of the systems in the event of an issue. They provide the details of the minimum downtime to restore the systems. It helps organisations to plan necessary tasks accordingly when there is a glitch.

Frequency of Backups: Choosing an automatic backup solution is beneficial for the business. Organisations are busy with various responsibilities. They want to reduce the burden of taking care of data backup and recovery. A reliable data backup and recovery solution offers automatic backup for the resources without the need for manual intervention.

Protection from accidental deletion: A reliable data backup provider has robust data deletion policy to recover data lost due to accidental deletion. In most of the cases, a negligent human error is the main cause for data deletion. A reliable data backup solution is of no use of any employee either accidentally or intentionally removes data. For such situations having a data recovery tool in place is a safer option.

Disaster recovery methodology: It is necessary to discuss the disaster recovery methodology with the service provider to ensure a less downtime. The recovery process should ensure a quick and easy methodology and should recover all the data lost.

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