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Why Data Backup and Recovery are Essential for your Company?

Data backup and recovery should be of high priority for organisations. All companies should have a data backup and recovery plan for their important data.

Data backup ensures recovery of the data in case of a system failure, natural calamity, theft, or unauthorised use of data by cyber criminals.

6 reasons why Data Backup and Recovery are Essential:

System failure: A major sector of organizations is working in a paperless environment. All activities are automated, and huge amounts of data are stored on laptops and computers to facilitate smooth and hassle-free activities.

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Human errors: Data is crucial for every organisation. Sometimes there are considerable losses caused to companies due to a minor mistake done in the coding or mishandling of a database by an employee. A data backup helps recover lost data in such situations. Theft of data is another major issue that leads to loss of profits and tarnishes an organization’s reputation. Water spillage caused due to negligence or accidents is another reason for data loss. Data backup is the only solution through which companies can recover data.

Natural calamities: Natural calamities like fire accidents, floods, or earthquakes lead to major destruction. A large chunk of devices is damaged due to such unseen events. Electrical short circuits also cause major damage to systems leading to data loss. Having a reliable data backup system in place helps organisations quickly resume work by restoring data.

Theft: Data theft is a major issue faced by many organisations. With the increased use of the internet for various organisational activities, cybercrime has also increased significantly. Organisations need to have a reliable data backup and recovery system to restore it in case of an emergency or unexpected theft.    

Competitive advantage:

Advanced security: Organisations that store data locally on a system are at high risk of losing important information. For keeping the data safe and use it for future reference, it is recommended to store it on a remote server. An online backup service allows access to data from any location. It helps employees within an organisation collaborate and work as a team while keeping the integrity of that information.

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