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Find the Key Features of an Advanced Firewall Solution?

Firewall solutions are an integral part of cybersecurity. A firewall acts as a barrier between the organisational network and the internet. It helps to filter the incoming and outgoing data by scanning the data.

A firewall restricts the entry of malicious content. It follows a set of configured rules to determine the nature of the data, whether it is authorised or not.

Firewall solutions are based on hardware, software, virtual machines, or deployed on the cloud. A combination of any of these ensures achieving maximum network security.

An appropriate firewall software will protect the organisation from denial of service attacks, spam, viruses, OS-related bugs, email session hijacking, application backdoor exploitation, and many other threats.

The organization’s specific needs must be considered when choosing the right firewall solution.

Firewall Solutions Dubai

Key features of Firewall Security Software:

High availability: It ensures the Firewall backup system is in place when the Firewall system goes down. Having a backup system helps to keep the networks secured all the time.

Application proxy: It modifies and masks the source information in the outgoing data by acting as an intermediary between the internet and the internal networks.

Monitoring: Firewall security software allows system administrators to login and check the incoming and outgoing data. Any suspicious activity identified in the network is rectified immediately with regular report generation and continuous monitoring.

VPN Support: VPNs are encrypted networks that anonymize IP addresses. VPNs use tunnelling protocols to create a secure connection between the external devices and the organisational networks.

Network segmentation: It divides a single enterprise network into smaller divisions for better management of the resources. The network traffic of one segment is kept separate from the other. It helps in restricting cyberattacks and allows better oversight of the network.

Easy to maintain: An advanced firewall solution follows policies and rules, allowing for easy creation, maintenance, and migration of these policies.

Deep packet inspection: An advanced firewall solution analyzes each packet entering the network and looks for suspicious strings of information.    

Remote user inspection: VPNs are necessary for companies with remote employees to prevent unauthorized access to their data. VPNs provide secure tunnels, cloud-based firewall solutions, malware protection, and policy management.

Compatibility: An advanced firewall solution should be compatible with other security software used by the organisation. UTM is a reliable security management system that combines the traditional firewall capabilities such as packet filtering and inspection with additional security features such as intrusion prevention and antivirus scanning.

Bandwidth control: With a reliable firewall solution, administrators can allocate bandwidth to different departments within an organization according to their needs.

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