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What are the Different Types of Endpoint Security Solutions?

Endpoint security is a vital part of the IT infrastructure of an organisation. Endpoints constitute the central access points for files, processes, digital assets, and communication networks in an organisation.

They also form a vulnerable point for a possible cyber-attack or data leakage causing huge losses to the enterprise.

Any device that is connected to the network and accessed by people is considered an endpoint.

Endpoint security solutions protect an organisation’s digital perimeter, including its large IT assets.

Endpoint Security Solutions in Dubai

11 most effective endpoint security solutions:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT devices are becoming more ubiquitous in enterprise infrastructure as they help facilitate communications and business processes. IoT security is one of the types of endpoint security for enterprises. Solutions like these improve visibility in IoT devices, provide a consistent layer of cybersecurity that can be easily upgraded, and close security vulnerabilities in the network.
  • Antivirus solutions: Antivirus solutions are the most popular and reliable form of endpoint security. Antivirus solutions provide security against signature-based attacks, scan files for malicious threats, and include anti-malware capabilities.
  • Endpoint detection and response: EDR solutions monitor all files and applications entering the enterprises’ endpoints with its detection-mitigation model of modern cybersecurity. Through threat investigations and detection of fireless malware and ransomware, EDR offers robust security.
  • URL filtering: URL filtering restricts users from accessing malicious websites or websites with potentially harmful content.
  • Application control: Application control ensures strict restrictions by providing various levels of permissions on how they run on a system. Blacklisting, whitelisting, and grey-listing prevent malicious applications from running in dangerous ways in a system.
  • Network Access Control: It determines what devices and users can access and use in the network infrastructure.
  • Browser isolation: Surprise downloads, zero-day attacks, ransomware, crypto jacking malware, and malicious browser executable code are a few threats facing web browsers. Browser isolation restricts isolated environments and safe interactive media streams.
  • Cloud perimeter security: It involves protecting the cloud resources from devices and users that access them. Using a cloud firewall and cloud-based web filtering tools helps to control people and devices accessing the cloud resources.
  • Endpoint encryption: It secures the data on the devices by ensuring strict authentication rules. It allows worry-free browsing and downloading and even access to sensitive financial information.
  • Sandboxing: It creates an isolated and secure digital environment that replicates the end-use operating system.
  • Secure email gateways: Secure email gateways monitor incoming and outgoing messages for suspicious behaviour, preventing them from being delivered. They can be deployed according to the IT infrastructure to prevent phishing attacks.

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