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How to Protect Your Network from Firewall Hacking?

Firewall security measures are one of the most basic tools of protection that organizations of all sizes use to prevent data breaches and hacking.

Firewalls provide a robust filtering of all the incoming traffic to prevent malicious files from being downloaded and block attackers from accessing sensitive systems.

Firewalls protect vital data with the help of a few security tools. Firewalls provide strong protection against:

Malware insertion: Deep packet inspection firewalls can be enormously useful for identifying and stopping malware installation attempts from outside sources.

App-level protection: When network firewalls are installed at app-level and at endpoint level they create a defence at the root level preventing breach and limiting the spread of attacks.

Data exfiltration: Firewalls prevent data leakage and misuse. They restrict sharing of crucial data to outside sources by employees or other unauthorized resources. By checking outgoing traffic for suspicious activity, perimeter firewalls can help detect and prevent data leakage from an advanced persistent threat.

Firewall Solutions in Dubai

Ways to Protect Network from Firewall Hacking:

Though it is not possible to make the system completely hack-proof or impenetrable to a cyberattack, following a few precautions will keep the systems safe.

Install and regularly update the antivirus software: The antivirus software allows to surf the web safely and protects the user identity. Turning on these options will ensure the restricted entry of unauthorized data.

Secure networks: Ensure the network is protected with a strong alphanumeric and special character password, and be sure to set up a firewall to avert intruders. Many routers come with pre-installed firewalls.

Regular software upgrades: This will fix most of the security issues. Upgrading the OS and web browser regularly helps to keep the system safe.

Download from trusted sources: Check the security measures in place while downloading from any website. Pop-ups should never be clicked as they may contain virus and malware.

Be alert with email attachments: Always open email from a trusted source. Emails from unrecognized sources may contain malicious content and will cause threat.

Use multiple firewall solutions at different levels: Creating a defence in depth strategy that segments your network and apps, consider using multiple firewall solutions so the same exploits and vulnerabilities won’t work against all the network firewalls.

Update security patches: Applying security patches to the hacker protection software keeps the cybercriminals at bay.

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