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What are the Criteria for Purchasing UTM Appliances?

Unified Threat Management appliances include all kinds of network infrastructure protection tools combined together into one device.

Relying on a single device to cover firewall, virtual private network access, application control, intrusion protection and lots of other services saves money and administrative effort.

While purchasing UTM appliances considering a few points will be helpful in choosing the best equipment.

Unified Threat Management Solutions in Dubai

Evaluation Criteria for UTM appliances:

Vendor: Choosing a vendor with a good track record, adequate or excellent support, and has produced a well-honed line of product helps to pick the best UTM device. Also the top vendors typically have the resources to perform ongoing research into emerging threats and can roll that knowledge and captured data into their products.

Features: Each unified threat management appliance has different features. Data loss prevention and deep packet inspection over SSL connections aren’t usually part of the standard feature set. Models from the same vendor can include different features, too, although many vendors’ appliances do include a common feature set across all models. Based on the specific requirements of an organisation the features can be selected accordingly.

Performance: While choosing a reliable UTM appliance check for the performance of the device. Go through the reviews of the particular product and also the ratings being given by users for that particular product. These ratings are not necessarily the same rates that will be experienced in different environments.

Cost: The cost of UTM appliances varies greatly, from the ones suitable for small environments to the highly scalable, highly available appliances for enterprises. This is where a need analysis pays off that data should point to the appliance with the best fit and tell the organisation which features it truly needs.

Licensing and subscriptions: UTM vendors need licenses or subscriptions to turn on UTM features, such as application control, antivirus and so on, and/or cloud-based management control. It is possible to configure those features, but they won’t be active until a valid license key is supplied.

Support: Getting the complete details of a standard support package is necessary before choosing a UTM appliance and compare the features with a premium package. Be assured whether the licensing packages comes included with the support or any additional charges are levied upon.

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