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What are the Resources Needed for Data Backup and Recovery?

Data Backup and recovery solutions are crucial for every organisation. The proper implementation of these solutions requires organisations to know about the specific resources required to achieve maximum efficiency.

Organisations need to consider not only the cyber security threats but they need to keep in mind the possibility of a fire incident, flood, data corruption, user error or a system failure. Some of these incidents also may be more or less likely based on the circumstances, such as being located below sea level or prone to wildfires.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in Dubai

Data Backup and Recovery Resources you Need to know:

Time: Taking backup for a local asset that works on a 24 x7 basis needs specific window of time for carrying on with the operations. If the operation runs uninterrupted and systems are always operational, a different kind of backup solution is needed to handle this situation. The traditional backup systems generally work during the off hours.

People: Most of the organisations have adapted the automation process for data backup. But there are some tasks that still need to do manual backup on a regular basis to make sure the backups are running properly. Even for an automation process there needs to be continuous monitoring to ensure it is working as intended. Even if it is working correctly technically, it is necessary to check on the solutions to make sure they are capturing the relevant data. It avoids the possibility of having a working backup copy that is missing data.

Data growth and retention: Over time, the natural tendency is for hard drives to fill up and storage space to be used. The reality is that most of the time people are reluctant to delete data just in case they need it later. Sometimes even if the data is not used for day-to-day operations, people keep it for legal or regulatory reasons. This leads to design considerations.

Having a proper data backup and recovery systems helps organisations to get back to work in the event of a disaster. Recovery time is based on the volume of data to be restored and the backup system that is in place. For restoring an entire server, recovery time could range from one hour to as much as two days.

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