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What are Managed IT Services? What are its Benefits?

We provide a comprehensive package of Managed IT Services in Dubai

Managed IT Services is the term coined to tap the various IT services offered and managed by the third party companies. Such companies which extend the Managed Services to meet the IT needs of the seeker companies are called Managed Service Providers. Many small, medium-sized companies and the enterprises benefit by outsourcing their IT needs to stay on the top, hassle-free when it comes to IT Services. Techno Edge Systems is one such established Managed Service Provider company which offers reliable, world-class Managed IT Services in Dubai for small and large business.

IT Services in Dubai

Managed IT Services we provide at Techno Edge Systems

With improved technical services and support from the Managed Service Providers (MSP), more companies are coming forward to outsource their IT requirements to external parties. It is reported that two-thirds of the companies of late prefer third-party MSPs as compared to in-house management of IT services. At Techno Edge System, we provide the following Managed IT Services in Dubai

• IT AMC Services and Support
• IT Solutions
• IT Support
• IT Consultants
• Data Backup and Recovery Solutions
• Endpoint Security Solutions
• Unified Threat Management Services

Benefits of Managed IT Services

1. Risk-free: When a third-party MSP provides and manages the IT services, it is the responsibility of the MSP to handle all the risks involved in adhering to the standard regulations and rules implemented by the government to ensure safety and compliance. The outsourcing company can stay hassle-free and undisturbed throughout.

2. Minimum to no downtime: When the Managed IT Services are outsourced, the MSP is responsible for any downtime whatsoever. At least to save its reputation they offer proactive services to stump the downtime through regular maintenance and checks.

3. Predictable Expenses: When you outsource the IT needs to MSPs, you are aware of the potential expenses beforehand as it is a fixed outflow of revenue.

4. Compete with the larger fish: With the larger companies having in-house technicians to help with the IT requirements, the Managed IT Services give the smaller and medium-sized companies the handle to compete with the big-shots at substantially lower costs.

5. Economical: The Managed IT Services are 100% cost-effective as it is a lump sum amount you would be paying to the MSP. The cost of the technicians to any large network failure is well covered under the package.

6. IT Technicians at your Service: As the MSPs hire the best-of-the-class IT professionals to provide above-par IT services to their clients, the outsourcing companies can leverage the top technicians that money can buy for their services.

7. Stay Latest: The MSPs make sure that you stay updated in terms of technology without any involvement or inputs from your side. The MSPs handle end to end upgrading and installations promptly.

8. Minimum Turnaround time: With the skilled technicians onboard, the MSPs ensure that any IT breakdowns are fixed within the least turnaround time sparing any productivity loss whatsoever.

9. Keeps you hassle-free: One of the biggest challenges of having an in-house IT set-up is to keep track of every smallest detail from as trivial as malfunctions to more serious issues like security compliance matters. This basically digresses your focus from operations and other leadership areas which are more crucial for your business.

Stay amazed and stress-free by seeking Managed IT Services from an MSP. Contact Techno Edge Systems if you happen to look for Managed IT Services in Dubai, UAE at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.itamcsupport.ae.

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