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Why is Firewall Important For Network Security?

Types of firewall network security and benefits

Firewall is one of the key security measures deployed to provide safety of the network within an organization. It is essentially the barrier between the external network, the internet and the company’s internal network. In other words, a firewall is a device installed connecting the external and the internal network which evaluates and controls the incoming and the outgoing data, to and from the company network through a set of rules coded by the network administrator. At Techno Edge Systems, we provide firewall network security as a part of the Managed IT services we offer for small and large companies.

Firewall Network Security

Types of firewall network security

The job of the firewall installed is to process only the relevant traffic through the network and filter out all the unnecessary traffic. Ideally, a firewall is one or a combination o the following methods to ensure utmost network security for your organization.

Packet Filtering: This is the most basic form of firewall, where the pre-decided set of rules evaluates the packets of information, their source, and destination, and flags the inappropriate packets accordingly.

Stateful Inspection: Stateful Inspection is the next-level firewall network security method, where the packets of information are investigated to identify if the data belongs to the existing connection. If found, that the data is not a part of the existing connection, the call is taken as per the defined rules of the firewall.

Application Filtering: Introduced in 1999, this firewall network security method stops the malware or malicious websites from entering into the network by understanding the various protocols like HTTP, ftp, and DNS etc. This method filters the packets of information until the application layer.

Proxy Service: The proxy is the intermediary between the internal network and the external connection. The proxy basically ensures that there is not a direct connection between both the networks. The network traffic is forced to pass through the middle layer which in turn filters out the unwarranted entities.

Benefits of using firewall network security systems

Monitors: The firewall monitors closely the incoming and outgoing network traffic and stops all the irrelevant information entering into the network.

Blocks potential threats and malware: The firewalls are good in stopping the potentially harmful programs like malware and viruses from entering into the company network.

Protects Sensitive Data: The firewall also protects the network infrastructure within the organization. It stops hackers from stealing sensitive information like passwords, bank information by identifying suspicious connections.

It is, however, important to have the firewalls installed by the professionals to ensure complete safety of your company’s network. Properly established firewalls are hard to penetrate, providing foolproof protection from invaders from outside and within the organization. Seek Firewall Network Security services in Dubai from Techno Edge Systems and enjoy unfathomable network security. Contact us at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.itamcsupport.ae for more information.

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