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How to drive Business Process Improvement with IT AMC Support?

IT AMC Support in Dubai from Techno Edge Systems could be the answer

IT AMC support might not be everything your business needs on a day to day basis, but surely it can play the role of a catalyst in improving the business productivity. From having an in-depth understanding of your IT infrastructure to helping you drive the organizational objectives, the IT AMC support services is much more than what meets the eye. It not only improves the productivity of the business but also reduces the costs which in turn help you in achieving your business goals. At Techno Edge Systems, we provide IT AMC support services in Dubai for organizations that are looking for a pair of safe hands who can take a good care of their computer hardware and networking infrastructure.

IT AMC Support Dubai
What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

Business Process Improvement is defined as a methodology implemented to identify the operations deficit or the optimized level of employee skills to maximize the efficiency of the workflow and overall business growth.

Identify if your IT infrastructure is in need of a BPI?

Before you perform the in-depth analysis of the operations being performed or aim at improving the employee skills for increased productivity, the ideal task would be to analyze the underlying infrastructure.

In case you believe that the IT infrastructure is slightly outdated or under-performing, asking a couple of questions can help you in performing the root cause analysis.

• How much of your IT staff is dedicated to providing IT support?

Let’s begin with the scenario where your in-house IT team size is 10, out of which 60% of them are involved in providing support, then it is an indication of the trouble brewing. The ideal scenario would be 20-30% of the team who should be delivering IT support.

• Why larger percentage of team members is involved in providing IT support?

Naturally, the next question is why so many tickets are being raised due to which 60% of the IT department is immersed in delivering support? It’s time to understand if there are any unnecessary processes which are demanding the inordinate use of the employee time or does the IT infrastructure need some help and performing a complete overhaul is required.

• Are you taking a reactive approach?

Instead of understanding the WHY of the situation, are you deferring the true analysis of the problem and trying to make do with the existing process however bad it is?

• How often are the employees raising the tickets?

Keep track of how many times each employee is raising the ticket for IT downtime. If it is very often an employee is raising a ticket and let’s say it takes at least an hour to resolve the issue, a simple math can tell you that the business is losing so many hours of business leading to low productivity.

This is where the IT AMC support services in Dubai can come in handy. IT AMC Support services aims at minimizing the downtime of the IT infrastructure for your organization apart from troubleshooting the actual issues. Right from optimizing the performance of the computer hardware and network, we provide guidelines for taking preventive measures to avoid downtimes.

Our IT AMC support services in Dubai at Techno edge Systems include:

• Optimizing the performance.
• Minimize breakdowns and downtime.
• Providing guidelines for preventive measures through timely checkups of hardware, network, and servers.
• Troubleshooting.
• Providing technical support to reduce downtime and resolve the issue within the shortest turnaround time.
• Installations of recommended software.
• Continuous monitoring of servers and workstations.

Find the complete list of our IT AMC support services in Dubai, we provide. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.itamcsupport.ae for more information.

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