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What are the Features and Benefits of Alien Vault USM Solutions?

Alien Vault Unified Security Management (USM) is a network monitoring platform that combines five key security capabilities – vulnerability scanning, asset discovery, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring and SIEM. This blend of technologies enables organisations of all sizes to improve network visibility in order to identify cyber threats that bypass traditional security defences.

Alien Vault offers a low-cost entry with more capabilities than most competitors. Alien Vault USM provides SIEM, vulnerability assessment, asset discovery, network and host intrusion detection, endpoint detection, and response (EDR), flow and packet capture, and file integrity monitoring (FIM), as well as centralized configuration and management. An AWS-native version is also available. Open-source components are part of USM buyers. It recently expanded USM Anywhere to include EDR capabilities.

USM Solutions in Dubai

Unique features of Alien Vault USM

  • Intrusion detection
  • Behavioural monitoring
  • Automated action response
  • Integrated threat intelligence
  • Asset discovery
  • SIEM
  • Monitoring
  • Vulnerability assessment

Alien Vault USM benefits

The centralized approach to threat protection, limitless intelligence through Alien Vault USM Labs, and the varying options for deployment it offers makes Alien Vault a reliable solution.

Unified security platform: The platform provides a unified approach for threat detection and incident response of a business, which is helpful for aiding organisations in removing the costs and the clutter of managing various point solutions. It combines the most vital of the security capabilities in one powerful solution.

Unlimited threat intelligence: Alien Vault UST also provides users with unlimited threat intelligence with the help of the system’s labs research team. The intelligence is fused with information from OXT (Open Threat Exchange) for delivering critical insights for successfully responding to the security threats and organisation faces.

Multiple deployment options: The platform has multiple options for deployment, which allow it to meet the varying spectrum of business requirements. Alien Vault USM provides with a proper solution suited for the operations regardless if the infrastructure is hosted in a data center, a public cloud, a virtualized private cloud, or a combination                 of them. It is designed for the use of lightweight software sensors. Alien Vault is capable of natively monitoring Amazon Wen Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, physical IT infrastructures, VMware, and Microsoft HyperV.

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