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What is the Popular Next-generation Firewall Solutions for Small Business?

Firewalls are an integral part of every business infrastructure. Firewalls act as the boundary walls for the network. They filter the good traffic and restrict the entry of the risky traffic into the network.

Having a reliable firewall allows small business to work productively eliminating the risk of any possible data loss or unauthorised intrusion into the network by malicious people.

However, it is a confusing task to choose the best firewall solution that best suits the company needs.

There are a number of different firewall solutions available in the market, choosing the one that works efficiently for the network infrastructure of a particular business establishment is important to achieve maximum security.

Firewall Installation Services in Dubai

Top 5 Popular Firewall Solutions for Small Business:

SonicWALL: Sonic firewall helps to simplify the medium-sized business’s internal processes without jeopardizing the network security. Sonic firewall is suitable for businesses that are located in multiple locations. SonicWall comes preloaded with virtual private network (VPN) capabilities. The software creates VPN tunnels, which allow remote offices and employees to enjoy file sharing and other functions on your internal network securely—without each employee needing to run their own VPN client software. SonicWall systems also feature a web application firewall, which allows you to control permissions and preferences for each computer application that accesses the web.

Sophos: Sophos firewall solutions provide better security and fewer data breaches. They offer Wi-Fi network capabilities, VPN functions, and deep-packet inspection which means better security and fewer data breaches.

WatchGuard: It is considered as the fastest Unified Threat Management solution that offers a comprehensive security suite for the network infrastructure. And when paired with the Total Security Suite, it offers users extra features like Data Loss Prevention, DNS Watch, and APT Blocker.

Norton: Norton firewall solutions are host based firewalls that keep the webcam safe from hackers, include 10GB of data backup on the cloud, and offer VPN capabilities. Norton’s partnership with LifeLock keeps the personal data safe, and it is scalable to help combat security threats as the business grows.

McAfee: McAfee offers both antivirus software and firewall protection. McAfee uses IP Security to establish safe IPSEC VPN connections, and it includes anti-spam functions, identity theft protection, and a digital file shredder, all from the cloud.

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