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How Does IT AMC Help to Gain Customer Retention?

Annual Maintenance contract helps enterprises to be assured of having a dedicated service provider who maintains the IT infrastructure of an organisation.

A reliable service provider offers expertise service for enterprises. Their services include firewall management system, antivirus software installation, data backup, data recovery solutions, and system optimization for achieving maximum performance.

The latest advancement in IT AMC services is the AMC software that automates the services offered by a service provider.

It is also called the Customer Relationship Management Software(CRM). AMC software is used to control the entire activities of Annual Maintenance Contract and Service calls.

IT AMC Support in Dubai

AMC software helps small and medium scale industries to effectively manage the process of

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Customer complaints
  • Customer birthday reminders with SMS and Email integrations system
  • Customer compliant tracking
  • Warranty management
  • Service calls for any type of product that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

Advantages of Annual Maintenance Contract Software:

Easy Customer management: AMC has an easy to use interface that allows in tracking customer complaints and attend to them without delay. Automation at each stage helps to avoid making any errors or missing out any important information. Transparency in the customer management helps to increase customer satisfaction and trust.

Manage service contract: AMC management software helps to keep track of details like the number of times customer has availed services, contract expiry date, and when was the last renewal date. It helps users to keep track of upcoming renewal contracts and thus helps in building a strong relationship with customers.

Manage product services: The AMC software helps in managing the product, from the date of the product problem to the warranty period and all the related data. It is easy to maintain a dynamic record of the maintenance process with AMC management software.

Email and message alerts: AMC software allows to manage emails and messaging campaigns in the least complicated way. Automatic email and message generation helps customers to keep track of the registered complaints and end of the maintenance contract.

Complaint management system: This system allows to keep track of each customer complaint and follow up the activities until the issue is resolved. It includes various charts and reports for controlling the business performance at a glance.

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