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Data Recovery Services Will Help You in Case of Data Loss

Data is a vital part of any organisational infrastructure. The safety of this data must be of utmost importance for an organisation to be successful.

Data recovery is fruitful only when few precautionary measures are followed while saving the data. Every organisation should have a proper backup and maintenance process for keeping the data safe.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in Dubai

Causes of Data Loss and How to Overcome it?

Hard Disk failure: Hard disk failure is the most common cause of data loss. Most hard disk failures occur due to human errors, mechanical issues, overheating, sudden power failure, or liquid damage. Shutting down computers properly will help avoid this, and use a reliable power backup system to prevent power outages or voltage fluctuations. If there is any liquid damage, the system should be immediately handed over to an expert service provider.

Human error: While working on a computer system we may accidentally spill water or any liquid that may cause data loss. There are instances while working seriously a file or folder gets deleted unintentionally. Users delete crucial system files like registry files, alteration of the system file location, incorrect installation of OS. All these factors lead to data loss. Proper training helps in avoiding such loss.

Virus or malware attack: There may be unwanted malicious data downloaded into the system when working on the internet, causing files and folders permanently deleted. A reliable antivirus should be installed and regularly updated to prevent virus intrusion.

Software corruption: Software corruption occurs due to the use of diagnostic tools or excess memory. It leads to sudden interruption to the program while working, or the system shuts down abruptly. Proper use of the diagnostic tools and with caution helps to avoid this problem. Regular backups and file saving habits also are helpful.

Natural disasters: Natural disasters occur suddenly causing heavy data loss that is not recoverable. To prevent such huge losses, saving data on cloud storage, taking regular backups and storing it on different devices, and installing a reliable UPS is necessary.

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