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Why do SMBs need AMC Services in Dubai?

Benefits of AMCs for computer hardware and networking for small and medium businesses (SMBs)

Wouldn’t you enjoy even a break down if your computer was in the warranty period? Now, imagine a situation when your entire tech equipment is forever in the warranty period. The IT AMC for Networking and Computer Hardware can get you the advantage of keeping all your tech equipment in a prolonged warranty period. At Techno Edge Systems, we offer IT AMC services in Dubai for all the computer hardware and networking as a comprehensive solution for all your tech needs.

IT AMC Services Dubai

How does Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for computer hardware work?

An AMC is essentially a contract drawn between the service provider and the business owner. The service provider as a part of the contract offers an assurance to provide repair and maintenance of the property which is included in the contract

An AMC at large can last for one year and can be typically extended to 3 years based on the requirement and the mutual consent of both the parties involved. The AMC for computer hardware basically improves the productivity in the business as it substantially decreases the downtime of the tech equipment due to the regular maintenance.

Many service providers also offer 24/7 tech support which also helps in the quick fixing of minor issues.

What is CMC for computer hardware?

The comprehensive maintenance contract (CMC) is again a one year contract which can be extended up to 3-5 years upon mutual consent of both the parties involved. While in the AMC, the maintenance and the service costs are covered, the CMC offers to provide cover for the spare parts replacements as well in addition to all the advantages of the AMC.
The CMCs are slightly expensive than the regular AMC.

Benefits of AMC for computer hardware and networking:

• A one-time payment for the AMC enables multiple services and repairs during the contract period.
• Needn’t search for a genuine technician each time when the system breaks down.
• Service and maintenance at periodic intervals.
• A predictable outflow of cash and expenses
• Cuts down overall IT maintenance cost
• Hassle-free IT maintenance and service with the IT consultants from the service provider as good as in-house IT team.
• Improved productivity due to lesser downtime and quick repairs.

To avail, the benefits of IT AMC for networking and computer hardware, contact Techno Edge Systems at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.itamcsupport.ae for more information.

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