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What is the Role of Disaster Recovery in Data Backup and Recovery Solutions?

What is Disaster Recovery and why is it important?

Disaster Recovery (DR) essentially means the planning involved when an organization is faced with data disasters like cyber attacks, natural disasters, or equipment failures. The ultimate goal of DR is to make a foolproof arrangement to avoid operational downtime despite experiencing a disaster. At Techno Edge Systems, we provide Data Backup and Recovery solutions to small and medium-sized companies to sustainable large enterprises.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in Dubai

Why is Disaster Recovery Important?

Any disaster in a company can cause a huge loss of productivity. Studies have shown that many operations at companies virtually come to a standstill when there is data loss; however, this is where the DR can help.

Two factors of DR

The recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) are two important aspects, which scale the impact of disaster and downtime.

RPO: The RPO basically determines the optimum interval of time that can pass during the disaster such that the data lost is within the tolerable limits to sustain the business continuity. For example, if the RPO is 24 hours, and the last backup was 22 hours ago; then the RPO ensures that the little data loss that might have taken place between the last backup and the disaster does not seriously affect the business operations.

RTO: The RTO is the time interval in which the business process must be restored to avoid unacceptable consequences after the disaster. It informs the business of the maximum time that can pass after the disaster without sabotaging the business continuity plan. It also measures the amount of data that needs to be re-entered or filled in to restore it to the latest lost version due to the disaster. If the RTO is 4 hours, the data recovery should conclude and the operations should begin with the stipulated for4 hours.

How to ensure the best DR planning?

DR Planning is an integrated approach where the hardware, software, networking equipment, testing is performed and optimized to ensure that the RPO and RTO are within achievable limits.

Top 3 benefits of DR planning
• Though DR is an investment, it is proved to be highly cost-efficient.
• It increases employee productivity as it has a planned downtime.
• Improves customer retention as the customers are hardly affected by the downtime.

Thought the disaster recovery planning is a tough job, the businesses who engage in disaster recovery planning are known to recover from disasters more efficiently and quickly.

At Techno Edge Systems, we offer a comprehensive Data backup and recovery solutions in Dubai. Contact us for more information at +971-50-8470112.

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