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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Network Safe

Day in and day out, the hackers target the company’s network for their malicious gains. It is then the companies’ responsibility to outsmart the hackers and save the data. Though there are various ways to keep the data secure, the hackers find some or the other ways to overcome the restrictions set up by the companies and manage to punch the barriers.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Top 5 ways to keep your network safe from the hackers

1. Deploying Antivirus software: Installing the antivirus software on your computers is one of the surest ways to keep the hackers from the threats like viruses, malware, spam and any other forms of online threats like Phishing etc. However, top antivirus software like Symantec, Norton, and Kaspersky are recommended to keep your computers free from the bugs.

2. Set the computer firewall up: It is highly recommended that in spite of installing the antivirus software, the firewall also should be configured on your systems. The firewall essentially restricts the web traffic and keeps the malicious websites from entering into your company network. It is basically setting up the filters to allow only the relevant content to enter into the company’s network.

3. Endpoint Security: We know that of late, the companies offer work from home facility where the employees can access the company network remotely from home or anywhere through computers or smartphones, where the antivirus might not have been installed or the firewall is not up. In such cases, the Endpoint Security Systems help to keep the network security intact. The endpoint protection is basically to keep the entire network safe by using a comprehensive list of tools which also include the firewall and antivirus software but not limited to these. Each endpoint of the network like smartphones and all the laptops or desktops, every electronic gadget in the network are taken into consideration and are sealed with the measures to keep the network safe. The other features of endpoint security are whitelisting, endpoint detection, encryption, intrusion detection tools, mobile detection tool and many more.

4. Unified Threat Management (UTM): Once again the UTM is a network protection tool, basically a hardware appliance that integrates many security services and features. These devices essentially protect the networks against security threats like malware and virus attacks and keep the network safe from hackers. The UTM handles anti-spam, application control, firewall, intrusion prevention, virtual private network services. This is the reason why the small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly taking the help of the UTM to protect their network.

5. Taking necessary steps from the organization end: Though with the help of one or all of the above steps, the company network is bound to be safe, the organizations also need to take the measures like activating the pop-up-blockers, removing the external drives like CD/DVD drives, external hard disk, pen drive, and memory card ports. Measures should also be taken to bring awareness to the employees about the spam emails, malicious download links etc.

As data is very crucial to any organization, keep your network safe and protect the integrity within, following the above ways. We at Techno Edge Systems LLC are concerned about your security; we deliver all kinds of network security services like virus removal, installation of antivirus software, setting up firewall solutions, endpoint security systems, UTM etc. Find out more about our security services at Techno Edge Systems LLC on +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.itamcsupport.ae.


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