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How to Protect your Business from Cyber Crimes?

At a time when almost every single aspect of our businesses is online, including employee records, finances, client details, and other sensitive information that impacts the business directly, the stakes are very high when it comes to the security of this data.

Just imagine the cacophony that would be created if someone with malafide intentions got a hold of this data, or even managed to block you from accessing it for any period of time. It would suffice to say that it would be a very bad day for your business and almost impossible to recover from. That is why it is immensely important to protect your business from cyber crimes by establishing Firewall network Security and implementing unified threat management solutions to your digital data.

Firewall network Security

We, at www.itamcsupport.ae, a subsidiary of Techno Edge Systems LLC are among the best when it comes to unified threat management solutions.

Allow us to explain what we do as part of the UTM system:

1. Application Control:

This helps to identify, detect and manage the applications which receive the most amount of traffic amongst all the applications in your organization and is the latest firewall feature available in the market.

2. Intrusion Prevention System :

The name says it all- this system identifies any intrusion which is unauthorized- either within or outside the network perimeter. This system also allows for a lot of custom fine-tuning to suit the organization’s needs and security parameters.

3. Spam Filter:

For any UTM system, spam filters are a compulsory aspect. Antispam technologies block malicious spam which may carry viruses or other malicious software which may compromise the security of the entire system. Various techniques like blocking spammed IDs, conducting DNS lookups, IP comparisons etc. are performed for this purpose.

4. Anti- Virus Filter:

Antivirus filters screen every single file in the system for viruses, their signatures and file patterns present in the database which may be malicious. These help to provide a multi-layered protection against virus, malware and spyware attacks.

5. Data Loss Prevention Systems:

DLP systems or Data Loss Prevention Systems are incorporated in UTM processes to prevent leakage of data, be it intentional or unintentional from the organization. The filtering scans in these systems can block, allow or archive the content depending upon the pattern matches and test strings with the database present in the DLP.

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