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How Data Backup Solutions over the Cloud Have Revolutionized Enterprises

Data backup – Its necessity and advantages

Data backup is simple terms can be defined as creating a copy of the data on your system that you use or on the cloud in case your original data is corrupted or lost. The majority of business organizations protect their critical data with backup making it one of the key components of a Company’s Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Consulting Strategies.

Data protection has emerged as the dynamic challenge with ever-changing needs for Data Backup and Recovery Solutions Dubai. Your company or enterprise must have a backup strategy and solutions in place. On one hand, data is being created at an unrelenting pace and on the other, there are increasing threats and risks to your data internal as well as external growing quickly.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions Dubai

In recent years, data backup solutions over the cloud in the form of vendors such as Techno Edge System LLC are offering backup-as-a service (BaaS) thereby helping business enterprises to cope up in case of system failure, outage or natural disaster. Through data backup and recovery solutions Dubai, small, medium and large enterprises can secure their data appropriately within their budget.

Cloud back up is a service in which the data and applications on a business’s server are backed up and stored in remote servers. Cloud server backup has become a necessity for many organizations today with most of the enterprises storing their business critical data and applications on cloud servers. Among medium and large enterprises, file backup and disaster recovery are the second leading uses of cloud computing.

The advantages of data backup solutions over the cloud include-

• It is cheaper to back up data using a cloud backup service compared to building and maintaining an in-house backup operation.

• The cloud is scalable and as such even as an enterprise’s data grows, still the data can be backed up to a cloud backup service even though it may at times result in an escalation of costs as data volume grows.

• Managing cloud backups is much simpler because service providers like Techno Edge Systems LLC providing data backup and recovery solutions, Dubai has the capability and capacity in providing the latest cloud data backup strategies.

• Data backup solutions over the cloud help in lowering the risks of common data backup failures caused by improper storage, physical media damage or accidental overwrites.

Finally, it can be concluded that data backup and recovery solutions rest on three main considerations that are coined as CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. More info visits our website – www.itamcsupport.ae.